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One of the first questions I ask  clients is, “If you were to think of your business as a person, what would its personality be?” I can help you answer that question and strengthen your corporate identity.A great brand has the potential to become your strongest sales tool. 

Web Development
WordPress and Magento 80%
Mobile App Development
C# and Xamarin Cross Platform 65%
HelpDesk/Technical Support
Repair and Maintenance of Computer System 60%
UI/UX Design
Photoshop and Illustrator 60%
Custom Development
Google Analytics
WP Slider Revolution

Identity and Culture


Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential elements of an effective digital marketing campaign. I will work with you to understand your goals as an organization and drive the desired website traffic organically. If you’re attempting to drive traffic, increase your online visibility or target a specific audience on your website, I will help devise a plan to increase your rankings on the most popular search engines. 


Fast Loading
Custom Design
SEO Ready

Enterprise Apps

Enterprise applications can save your business huge amounts of money by automating paperwork, speeding up staff processes, and creating new connected workflows for your team.

Commercial Web Applications

I can help you plan and develop your ideas into a slick, smooth, user friendly and commercially successful application. As well as helping to design and develop your branding, online and offline marketing materials.

E-Commerce Solutions

I have the expertise, experience and creativity to produce exceptional mobile applications and E-Commerce solutions such as Magento to offer Product Promotions and Boost Sales

Meet the Team

We help our Clients to create human centered digital experiences that attract, engage to user experience, UI Design, Development and Future Support.
Geoffrey Sagwe
Front-End Web Developer
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